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What’s that gotta do with this pic? Well I came up with this little idea in my mind where Manolo is the tired old dad, and because I’m a sucker for little kids, I turned Maria and Joaquin into the cute little tykes. Manolo works many odd jobs for his adopted kids that were orphaned a year or two ago or something, Joaquin’s dad killed by a terrorist and Maria’s dad done in while doing his duty at the military, and both their mothers are nowhere to be found. Either they’re dead, or missing (still trying to figure that part out). Manolo is poor as fuck and uses all his savings for his two precious babies and hides the fact that he’s ready to keel over from fatigue. He most likely doesn’t hide it well enough with those bags under his eyes. Maria and Joaquin are pretty fuckin smart.

Xibalba tbol

xibalba tbol


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