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“I love David. David's a great teammate, a great competitor. Probably frustration came out at the wrong time and it was mishandled. I heard he talked to you guys yesterday? I hope everybody just moves on. Like I say, we go through a lot of emotions in the season and sometimes we let the emotions take over a situation, and sometimes at the end of the day it's not what you are really trying to do. I just hope that everybody lets the team play and forget about what happened in the past. At the end of the day, David's a great guy. Eckersley's doing his job on the other hand.

Karl Rabago, Pace Energy and Climate Center (Moderator)
Jay Harf, L'Oreal USA
Courtney McCormick, PSE&G

10:10 . – 10:30 . EAST CORRIDOR, 2nd FLOOR Networking Break
10:30 . – 11:30 . BEEKMAN
The Paris Agreement & the Role of the Voluntary Market With the signing of the Paris Agreement, the international community has agreed to collectively undertake significant changes to keep global temperatures in check. The ., meanwhile, remains a notable exception to this Agreement, though recent sub-national initiatives hold promise in ensuring the . meets global targets. This panel will assess the role and interactions of the voluntary renewable energy market in helping countries meet their Nationally Determined Commitments to the Paris Agreement.
Yera Ortiz de Urbina, IRENA (Moderator)
Marcene Broadwater, International Finance Corporation
Vanessa Miler-Fels, Microsoft

Shaughnessy ortiz steroids

shaughnessy ortiz steroids


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