Oral allergy to fruit

Antihistamines may also relieve the symptoms of the allergy by blocking the immune pathway. Persons with a history of severe anaphylactic reaction may carry an injectable emergency dose of epinephrine (such as an EpiPen). Oral steroids may also be helpful. Allergy immunotherapy has been reported to improve or cure OAS in some patients. Immunotherapy with extracts containing birch pollen may benefit OAS sufferers of apple or hazelnut related to birch pollen-allergens. Even so, the increase in the amount of apple/hazelnut tolerated was small (from to g apple), and as a result, a patient's management of OAS would be limited. [15]

I am allergic to practically everything thanks to the fact that I have OAS. What I do find is that I can eat most things if cooked. I’m also allergic to all nuts and soy products so the list shrinks even more. Added to that is all the seasonal allergies. As I am also allergic to all the trees that bare fruit and grasses as well. I am going to try the fruit in the microwave and peel the skin off and see what that does. I’m at the 7 year mark now so hopefully my metabolism will change! I will keep you posted on my tough to live with OAS but friends and family support is always needed!Good luck to you all and best wishes and Happy New Year for 2012

Oral allergy to fruit

oral allergy to fruit


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