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Tara: You need to address the possibility that treating osteopenia with this class of drug may not be effective in preventing fracture.
Lack of bone remodeling can result in increased bone mineral density with chalk-line bone. Multiple reports are beginning to appear in the medical literature describing chalk-stick fractures of the femur in patients with “improved BMD.”
Unfortunately I have endured this myself with a spontaneous subtrochanteric fracture during treatment with bisphosphonates.
Please ask your consultants whether the risk of exposure to the drug actually gives protection from fracture in patients with osteopenia and low FRAX scores.

I think there are some “kill the messenger” rationales here. I don’t blame my local grocery store for antibiotic abuse, I blame the docotors. This season has been rough with people having colds for 3-4 weeks and there has been a lot of stomuch flu issues. If one more person I know tells me that they called their doc and the doc called a prescription in to the pharmacy WITHOUT SEEING THE PATIENT, I am going to scream. A friend told me that her doc office called in a prescription for antibiotics because there weren’t enough hours in a day to see all the people calling with cold complaints. Her husband is now on his second round of antibiotics. The first round did nothing, because he has a virus.

In poring through Horizon’s financial filings, it appears the drug’s run may be ending. Horizon said in its report for the first quarter of 2017 that fewer insurance companies have been willing to cover Vimovo and many that do have demanded larger rebates. As a result, Horizon has been eating more of the costs of providing the drug to patients, as they must have in my case. The prescriptions have still been coming in, but net sales were just under $5 million in the first quarter of this year, down 81 percent from the first quarter of 2016.

New york pharma steroid

new york pharma steroid


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