New steroid alternative 2013

For many people, back pain goes away on its own or with nonsurgical treatments. Epidural steroid injections shouldn't typically be used as a first-line therapy for back pain relief, but that doesn't mean they can't play a role in treating pain. But injections won't cure the underlying cause of back pain, and they provide only temporary relief. Unfortunately, in many cases, chronic back pain can't be cured, but must instead be managed, like other chronic conditions—and patients must have realistic expectations of what epidurals can do.

Following the injection of cortisone or hyaluronic acid into the knee, there may occasionally be increased pain or an inflammatory reaction to the injected medication. These reactions usually occur within the first 24 to 48 hours after the injection and ice, elevation, and medications such as analgesic can help. Injections into a joint must always be done under sterile conditions to minimize the possibility of infection. If an infection does occur after the knee has been injected, it must be dealt with promptly to avoid irreversible destruction of the joint cartilage. Pain greater than expected, swelling and/or redness of the knee joint or the development of a fever should raise concerns about an infection.

New steroid alternative 2013

new steroid alternative 2013


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