Mid week carb up on anabolic diet

As for the weight question – I personally found your question rude because this is a recipe website, not a blog about someone’s personal weight-loss journey. How well a recipe works for me is not affected by whether or not I know the authors weight. Other than low carb cooking in general, I do not find this website to be promoting any specific low carb diet option, of which there are so many, so Jamie’s weight-loss means nothing to me unless she proclaims herself to be following the exact same way of eating that I am.

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I was on spectacular journey to lose 12 pounds so I went on zero carb diet , everything was going perfectly I had lost eight! Then I had friends over I made almond butter peanut butter gluten free sugar free cookie, I’m allergic to sugar so I used Xylitol the cookies I make are tiny like an 1 1/2 wide when everyone arrived I ate four cookies and I had 10 almonds. I stopped right there. It wasn’t mega carbs, but I was off of my zero carb plan. YIKES ! So, afterwards I went right back to my zero carbs and jumped on my mini trampoline for 15 minutes . So, now do I have to go through the whole thing to get my body back into ketosis or is there a possibility it will remain in ketosis ? I learned I have a trigger, so next time I will have a zero carb snack for myself in hand I think a big zero carb chocolate high protein powder milkshake like drink should work and fill me up.

Mid week carb up on anabolic diet

mid week carb up on anabolic diet


mid week carb up on anabolic dietmid week carb up on anabolic dietmid week carb up on anabolic dietmid week carb up on anabolic dietmid week carb up on anabolic diet