It’s common to worry about side effects from the medicines we take. But recent research has shown that the chance of side effects from taking a low dose of inhaled preventer medicine is very small.  It's worth remembering that the preventer dose will be kept as low as possible to protect you or your child against the inflammation that causes asthma symptoms. Using it every day, as prescribed, means you’re less likely to need your reliever inhaler or a prescription of oral steroid tablets which will mean higher doses of steroids.  

In children it is important to form an image of the underlying infection. It is due to treat a possible obstructivity in first hand. If you get the obstructivity under controll the cough will often subside. To give exporants is without effect. The cough can often be explained by the time it takes to regain the cilia after an ifection and it will pass after 1-2 months without treatment. A child 4-7 years of age can after a period of recidivating lower airway-infection have developed a postinfectious hyperactivity and the cough-reflex has become easier to provoke. Most likelt there is a chronic inflammatory condition in the mucous membrane. During prolonged hyperreactivity one can try an inhalation-steroid in low dosage 1-2 times a day. Antibiotics do not effect the course of events.