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I can see the logic in your decision, Matlor. Side effects from the ointment are the least of our concerns. Don't expect speedy results, though. Dermovate can take months – up to two years to get things settled right down, depending on how aggressive your version of LS is. I've had it forty years and experienced a number of remissions, including reversal of fusing. But what I've read is that remission doesn't happen post menopause. Look around on this site. Soak in baking soda baths, use coconut oil and don't have sex if you're already uncomfortable. Keep us posted. (You could take a picture now to show the gynae). Most don't do biopsies and they won't do one if you're asymptomatic.

For many people, the most significant Tbol side effects occur after their cycles end as a result of the continued testosterone suppression. Following your cycle, it is necessary to implement post-cycle therapy, or PCT, in order to help your body begin natural testosterone production once again. Nolvadex is a smart choice as it is relatively inexpensive and provides optimal results at a very low dose. You should start your PCT three days after your cycle ends since Turinabol has such as short half-life, and for the first two weeks, you will need 40mg of Nolvadex per day. Then, you’ll take 20mg of Nolvadex for the next two weeks.

Hairlossfromsteroids dotcom

hairlossfromsteroids dotcom


hairlossfromsteroids dotcomhairlossfromsteroids dotcomhairlossfromsteroids dotcomhairlossfromsteroids dotcomhairlossfromsteroids dotcom