East german unemployment

"These figures are excellent news……The labour market is proving far more resilient than the rest of the economy.
"The only people not sharing in this good news are young people looking for work. The government must prioritise tackling long-term youth unemployment before any more careers are wrecked before they barely get off the ground.
"And while more people are in work, they are still getting poorer in real terms as wages grow at less than half the rate of inflation. Jobs growth needs to be accompanied by stronger wage growth if consumer spending is to help drive our economic recovery."

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© AFP 2017/ TOBIAS SCHWARZ Fashion Club: Merkel-Wagenknecht Standoff Reaches New Unexpected Level In addition, eastern Germany's troubles are said to stem from its worsening demographic situation, including the decline and aging of the population. Since reunification, with the exception of Berlin, the population in the former East Germany has dropped by about 15%, with some regions, such as Saxony-Anhalt, seeing a 22% drop. Demographers attribute these problems to the outflow of the working-age population, and the lack of investment in the kinds of industries which might fuel job growth and economic prosperity.

East german unemployment

east german unemployment


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