East german doping scandal

Icarus ends on an ambiguous note. Rodchenkov is under federal witness protection (and Fogel says he has not spoken with him since). And while WADA and many of its national satellites voiced solid support to ban Russia entirely from the Rio Olympics and this winter’s Games in Pyeongchang, the International Olympic Committee effectively punted the issue to its member federations, which ultimately let almost 300 Russian athletes compete in Rio.  (You can improve your own fitness the natural way with  Bicycling 's  Maximum Overload for Cyclists  training plan. )

We always want to be world champions, no matter what the cost. It's okay to want to be world champion, but if you want to do it "no matter what the cost" then it is a dangerous game. Sport has changed. In sport these days, as a young man, you can earn good money. You become a national product, people love you and you are a celebrity. But the athletes often don't know the risks they are exposing themselves to. The system is very strong, and there are many vested interests. When we tell this story of what happened in the former East Germany, we are also trying to educate people involved in sport today.

East german doping scandal

east german doping scandal


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