Blue oxys steroid

i am a 59 yo man. wt. always about 145 have 2hip replacements that were done at the . hospital back in 1979. i have always been a very honest person. i told them i did a little partying when I was a kid ; and they have treated me like a drug addict ever since! my left side just blew out about 2 weeks ago and it is painful as hell! i have been on suboxone 8/2 3tad for a year or so which does almost nothing for the pain unless i sit still if I can find a comfortable position. i have been very naive and not knowledgeable about this drug at all! i am scheduled for surgery soon (no set date). there’s not too much that has ever scared me in this world.(I AM VERY SCARED)! especially after the way I am being treated now. i forgot I am also on lyrica 200 mg 3tad that seems to help as much or more than the bups. nobody will tell me anything besides (don’t worry mr mayo weel take care of you). please give me some advice. (a vet getting the most horrifying treatment by a . you can imagine!)

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Blue oxys steroid

blue oxys steroid


blue oxys steroidblue oxys steroid