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How many capital cities are located just an hour away from a variety of ski resorts? Lucky for you Santiago is, you can hit the slopes at, Valle Nevado, El Colorado or La Parva, all within an hour and a half from the city. If you’re up for a whole week of skiing then head to Portillo, one of the best resorts in Chile. If you’re a true beginner or on a budget you can visit Lagunillas , the closest and smallest ski resort located in Cajon de Maipo. There are companies that will organize the whole trip for you, including clothing rental, if needed.

The office in Santiago is operating as the extended arm of the Head Office in Copenhagen in respect of Panamax and Supramax, as well as being the company’s commercial head office in relation to its Handysize activities. Commercially it is responsible for regional marketing with special focus on cargo and contract procurement as well as the development of improved and more efficient integrated transport and equipment solutions in close cooperation with and for customers. The prime geographical area covered is: Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia up to West Coast of Mexico, as well as Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.

Climbing Provincia takes you to 2600 meters in elevation and offers a panoramic view of San Ramon, El Plomo and the Andes as well as the city below. The hike takes some 5 to 6 hours to the top and 4 to 5 on the way down, making it a full day’s work. Spending the night on the peak is also a great option considering the view of the city below. At the top there is a small dome Refugio --just hope that there is room. During springtime it is a popular hike and the space goes quickly. If done in early spring it is cooler and there is still snow, so less water needs to be carried. In summer the hike is very dry and very hot, so bring lots of water and protect yourself from the everpresent sun.

Anabolicos santiago chile

anabolicos santiago chile


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